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About Euroson

Euroson Systems and Solutions are experts in the field of data management with solutions that simplify the management of data, extract valuable information about your data and provide automated Data Backup, Archiving and Data Retention. Euroson works with channel partners to offer complete system integration, support, and post-deployment training to ensure success. Founded in 1989 the company is located in Hauppauge, NY.

For over 25 years Euroson has been the North American Distribution partner for PoINT Software & Systems, who provide advanced software applications for storage management. The focus of the company is providing Data Storage Management Software solutions which are targeted towards companies and government agencies requiring data security, regulatory compliance and data retention management. Our solutions provide integration and management of high-capacity permanent storage using all storage technologies. Key markets are Medical, Law Enforcement, Government, Military and Financial Services.

Our years of experience with a wide range of products and solutions has provided hundreds of customers with Data Management , Backup and Archiving solutions which integrate the most effective storage technology for the intended purpose. This includes Certified Solutions from a wide range of  Vendors including Amazon, Dell/EMC, Microsoft, Quantum, Sony, Wasabi as well as most hosted cloud storage providers. Our’s are custom configured solutions designed and tested to meet the requirements of the most demanding archival and storage applications. Our products are available throughout the United States and Canada.

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