• Archiving Data to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    The PoINT & Amazon Partnership


Amazon is an Internet technology company based in Seattle, Washington, and is the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace and provider of Cloud infrastructure and Cloud data storage services.   As storing data in the Cloud has become more reliable, scalable, secure, and cost-effective than traditional on-premise (On-prem) data storage systems, Amazon has changed the way the world utilizes the Internet forever.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is the leading Cloud storage service, and was designed for online backup and archiving of data and applications on Amazon Web Services.

PoINT Storage Manager is a policy-based file tiering and archiving solution that addresses the problems associated with the continual growth of inactive data being stored on expensive Primary storage systems.

Amazon S3 was Designed for Online Archiving of Data and Applications on Amazon Web Services
Diagram Showing Archiving Inactive Files from Primary Storage to Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

Using PoINT Storage Manager with Amazon S3

Inactive and unstructured data can be automatically and transparently archived from Windows Servers, EMC VNX, EMC Isilon, NetApp FAS, or any CIFS or NFS file system, and data can be replicated to up to four separate Amazon S3 Buckets for superior levels of data security, data availability, and disaster recovery.

Archiving data to the Amazon Cloud allows organizations to reduce the number of Primary storage systems in the IT infrastructure, which in turn lowers ongoing equipment and support costs, and power and cooling requirements.    Reducing the amount of inactive data also addresses the problem of shrinking backup windows, which is the inability to complete data backup jobs in an available time window.

Combining the extremely low cost per TB and ease of deployment of Amazon S3 storage with other major capabilities of PoINT Storage Manager, such as WORM file system, retention management, audit logging, authentication, and encryption in-transit and at-rest makes this a robust archiving solution for organizations of any size, especially when regulatory compliance is a requirement.

Archiving Data to Amazon S3

Archiving data to the Amazon Cloud with PoINT Storage Manager is highly optimized for performance through the use of UDF (Universal Disk Format) data containers, as many thousands of small files are archived via a single, large UDF file.

For high-performance data retrieval, clients and applications access files transparently from the archive via a direct read mechanism, without first performing a file restore back to Primary storage.

Configuring Amazon S3 for archiving data is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1.  Select Object Store from PoINT Storage Manager Setup
  2.  Select Amazon S3 from the “Advanced Connectors” drop-down
  3.  Enter the AWS Address, Bucket Name, Access Key, Secret Key, Folder Name and AWS Region, and Click OK
  • STEP 1: Select Object Store from PoINT Storage Manager Setup

    Configuring PoINT Storage Manager for Amazon S3 - Add/Remove Devices
  • STEP 2: Select Amazon S3 from the “Advanced Connectors” drop-down

    Configuring Object Store - Selecting Amazon S3 Cloud Connector
  • STEP 3: Enter the Address, Bucket Name, Access Key, Secret Key, Folder Name and AWS Region, and Click OK

    Configuring Logon Credentials for Archiving Files to Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

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