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Corterix Intelligent Archive (IA)

Corterix IA is a software product which combines Data analysis and metadata extraction with a high-performance archive storage system that directly supports the use of cloud services and  mass storage devices as archival media in tape and optical libraries.

Finding the objects/files related to projects, dates, video cameras, sensors or even finding an urgently needed individual file in a storage repository holding a trillion files or 100’s of PB used to be a challenge. The Corterix Real Time Archive is returning such requests in sub-second respond times.

Storage Manager

PoINT Storage Manager is a Windows Server Software Application for Data Archiving, and provides a policy-based file tiering and archiving mechanism that is tightly integrated with the NetApp FPolicy API, the EMC File Mover API, and the Microsoft Windows File Reparse mechanisms.

PoINT Storage Manager addresses the problems associated with the growth of inactive and unstructured data stored on Primary storage systems.

Archival Gateway

PoINT Archival Gateway is a software-based, high-performance object storage system that directly supports the use of mass storage archival media in tape and optical libraries.  The solution is highly scalable and can easily store and archive hundreds of Petabytes of data across one or multiple archive devices.

The most significant feature is the method PoINT Archival Gateway uses to quickly receive data and securely write it to storage media in a format that assures that this data can also be quickly accessed, and can handle data transfer rates in excess of 1 PB per day.


PoINT Archive-as-a-Service is a pay-as-you-go solution for archiving data, offering the benefits of rapid implementation time, superior performance, and instant scalability.  All for one fixed, affordable monthly cost!

An “as-a-Service” based solution lets you take advantage of the many benefits of archiving data without purchasing servers, storage devices, and software licenses, and scheduling the resources to install and configure an on-premise archiving solution.

File System Analyzer

PoINT File System Analyzer is a free software tool that is used to determine the amount of inactive data on a data storage system.  The tool is easy to use, provides an intuitive user interface, and scans user-specified file systems.  The results are a dynamic analysis of the amount of data that has not been accessed by users and applications for a specific time period.

Unlike other data storage analyzer tools, PoINT File System Analyzer is a small 325k executable file that does not require installation on a host system, and runs non-intrusively against any CIFS or NFS file system.

WG Advisors Assessment and Strategies for business continuity with enCase.

enCase is a Cloud-based dashboard built around an organizations IT Infrastructure and Data Management Maturity Assessment, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Management Platform, and Cloud Readiness Strategy. All of these features are visible in a single pane of glass via a secure customer portal. Recommendations are made and improvements are monitored in real time.

WG Advisors team of highly qualified experts performs assessments via on site interviews and detailed evaluations and provides recommendations for improvement and quarterly updates as part of our service.