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    High Performance S3 Gateway for Backup and Archiving of object storage systems to Tape Libraries.

Backup and Archive for Object Storage

Data is being generated faster and faster and in increasingly larger volumes – especially in fields like research, media, automation and diagnostics. Storage Systems need to keep up with this demand for increased capacity and throughput. High performance SSD storage devices are widely used as primary storage to meet these requirements. Backup and Archival systems are expected to match this demand at lower costs than primary systems. Accomplishing this requires using a scalable storage architecture such as Object storage and software which provides a high performance object storage interface with existing low cost storage technologies (LTO or optical) and hosted Cloud.

High Performance, Scalable Object Storage with Tape Libraries

PoINT Archival Gateway (PAG) is a software-based, high-performance object storage solution. PAG, in compliance with regulations, securely stores large data volumes at scalable transfer rates on mass storage systems like Cloud, tape and optical libraries. It solves the problem of backing up and archiving all this data at once.

PAG provides a standard object store (S3) interface for mass storage tape libraries. This interface makes it possible to backup and archive hundreds of TB or PB of data. PAG’s highly scalable S3 web service enables almost unlimited write/read parallelization providing extremely high data transfer rates of over 1 PB per day.

PoINT Archival Gateway Admin Console


PoINT Archival Gateway offers a standard S3 REST API interface for seamless backup and archive of data making the software compatible with any application that supports Object-based storage using S3 REST.  This makes the software ideal for use with the rapidly rising number of applications that support object-based storage using S3 REST.

A GUI Dashboard provides a centralized portal for all library operations including drive and media management features and also uses standard protocols for configuring keys, buckets, etc.

PoINT Archival Gateway is designed to be independent of the storage technology used and is integrated with all common mass storage technologies. Users can choose and to expand and exchange storage systems with confidence.

High Performance and Availability

The PoINT Archival Gateway high-performance data transfer architecture means that storage and archiving jobs can be completed very quickly, and provides rapid access to archived data when needed.

Data security is ensured using a modern “erasure coding” process, that stores data redundantly in Protected Volume Arrays (PVA) using multiple tape media, so data is not lost if a medium fails. Redundant server nodes automatically managed by Archival Gateway assure that all associated servers remain stable.

Scalability As an “Object Store” system PSA scales to hundreds of PetaBytes and Trillions of files.

PoINT Cloud Gateway Protects against Data Deletion and Ransomware Attacks

Data Protection and Compliance

PoINT Archival Gateway ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements by providing WORM functionality (Write Once Read Many) and integrated retention management. Backup and Archive data is protected against accidental or malicious data deletion and manipulation, including ransomware attacks.  This minimizes the risk of legal disputes and helps meet your compliance requirements.

Data integrity is maintained through sharing of MD5 hash code between client and storage system as defined by the AWS standard. Storage media and device failures are protected against through erasure code.  Redundant/failover server nodes are managed by PAG to ensure uninterrupted operation in case of server failures.

LTO Tape and Optical Libraries

PoINT Archival Gateway supports a wide range of Tape Library and Optical Library storage devices.  PoINT works closely with all of the leading manufacturers, and as a result, the list of supported devices is expanded regularly.

Archival Gateway directly supports and integrates with many Tape and Optical libraries, so no additional drivers or software products are required to achieve the levels of performance, scalability, and security offered provided by the solution.

Quantum i6000 Tape Library Populated with LTO Tapes

Key Features of PoINT Archival Gateway Software

  • High-performance – storage and archiving jobs can be completed very quickly. Saved data can also be accessed quickly when needed.
  • Highly cost-effective – Tape and optical technology are used to save and archive large amounts of data. Compared with hard disk-based systems costs per terabyte operation costs and energy requirements are very low. Storage costs are reduced over the lifetime of the data. are also low, compared with other systems.
  • Vendor independent – Archival Gateway can work with whatever storage system users need without having to make additional modifications to the software. This ensures a high level of protection for your investment and avoids the cost of complex migrations.
  • The S3 REST interface included with Archival Gateway presents a future-proof approach, in contrast to proprietary solutions. This means that your investments are protected.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations – Archival Gateway’s archiving functions help ensure regulatory compliance and Business continuity.

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