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Software Solutions from PoINT Software and Systems

PoINT Storage Manager Software – Policy-based Data Archiving for File Systems

PoINT Storage Manager (PSM)is a software application for managing network file system data storage. It provides automated Tiering, Backup, Replication and Archiving. It gives clients multiple methods of accessing archived data including browser search and retrieve and links. PoINT Storage Manager’s policy-based file tiering and archiving solution is tightly integrated with the NetApp FPolicy API, the EMC File Mover API and Microsoft Windows File Reparse mechanisms.  It addresses problems with the growth of inactive and unstructured data stored on Primary storage systems as well as regulatory compliance and data retention requirements.

PoINT Storage Manager is ideally suited for integration of cloud storage into an intelligently managed Tiered Storage environment. The solution is Certified with R-Stor, AWS, Google, MS Azure and virtually any other cloud storage provider.

PoINT Archival Gateway – High Performance Object Storage using Tape Libraries

PoINT Archival Gateway provides a standard object store (S3) interface to a true object storage environment using LTO media in virtually any Tape library. This interface makes it possible to backup and archive hundreds of petabytes of data without file system limitations by using the scalability of object storage . The Archival Gateway quickly receives data and securely writes it to storage media in a format that also allows this data to be quickly accessed when necessary. The PoINT Archival Gateway’s highly scalable S3 web service enables almost unlimited write parallelization providing extremely high data transfer rates. With a high level of scalability Archival Gateway can handle data transfer rates of over 1 PB per day.

PoINT Data Replicator – File and Object Replication to S3 Cloud/Object Storage

Data storage in the object store/cloud environment continues to expand. Both hosted and on-premises object storage is often not backed up, as it is believed to be secure. This assumption is negligent and risky. High availability and redundancy features offered by hosted cloud services and on premises object storage products do not protect against human error, ransomware, malware, or technology failure. These systems need backup/replication, most appropriately on a separate storage technology, at a different location and in the original format as stored in the cloud and object storage.

PoINT Data Replicator software provides a solution to meet these requirements.

The “File-to-Object” function of the software solution enables the replication of files stored in file systems to a cloud/object storage. The “S3-to-S3 Object Replication” ensures data protection in the context of hybrid or multi cloud approaches by replicating S3 objects including metadata between any S3-capable source and target buckets.


Euroson has over 25 Years experience serving the Data Storage Market with solutions to meet the most demanding requirements for security, authenticity and preservation. Our clients share these requirements. Since 1995 Euroson has been the North American Distribution partner for  PoINT Software & Systems, marketing their advanced software applications for storage management, information retention and secure data archival.  In 2020 the Company became Euroson Systems & Solutions to focus our experience in data security and retention on the growing market for high performance enterprise class cloud storage for tiering, backup and archival applications.

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