Archiving Solutions for Windows, NetApp, EMC, and NAS Systems

The Complete Data Archiving Solution

PoINT Storage Manager (PSM) is a Windows Server software application for Data Archiving.  PoINT Storage Manager  provides a policy-based file tiering and archiving solution which is tightly integrated with the NetApp FPolicy API, the EMC File Mover API and Microsoft Windows File Reparse mechanisms, and addresses the problems associated with the growth of inactive and unstructured data stored on Primary storage systems.

What makes PSM such a great choice is that it provides the features necessary to establish a comprehensive enterprise-wide data archiving solution. PSM provides an automated policy-based method of identifying and archiving data from any share location, while allowing file system clients to retain full and transparent access to archived data via file system links and .html web links.

Policy-based Data Archiving

PoINT Storage Manager lets you create scheduled jobs (Storage Vaults) which archives data based on one or more “policies”.  Policies consist of a set of conditions and corresponding actions.  When running an Archive Job Cycle, these conditions are checked on files located within a Target location (Performance Tier).  When file conditions match a policy, the specified actions are executed.  Conditions include file name, file size, file type, creation date and modification date, last access date, attributes and more.  Up to 64 Storage Vaults can be created.

Archive Job Cycles can be scheduled to run daily at a selected time, including or excluding certain days (i.e. Saturday, Sunday), or weekly, monthly, and annually.  Job cycles may be initiated manually at any time by a systems administrator.

A typical Archive Job may be to archive (copy file to Archive Tier) and purge (replace file with a stub or link) files with a .PDF extension that haven’t been accessed in 3 years.   This type of policy will re-claim capacity on the Primary storage system to make room for new files.

Supports all Data Storage Technologies

PoINT Storage Manager supports a wide range of hardware devices and technologies for storing data in the Archive Tier.  These include most Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices and systems, Storage Area Network (SAN), LTO Tape Libraries, and Optical Libraries.  Up to 8 different devices can be configured.

PoINT Storage Manager is certified with numerous storage solution vendors including NetApp, EMC, and Hitachi, to provide seamless integration with NetApp SnapLock, NetApp StorageGRID Webscale, EMC Data Domain, EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), and Hitachi HGST Active Archive, and many others.

Supports all Cloud Storage Services

PoINT Storage Manager supports all Cloud Storage Service providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, as well as any Cloud Storage provider that utilizes an S3-compatible or CDMI-compatible Cloud Storage interface.

Upon receiving connection parameters and login credentials (i.e. Domain Name, Bucket name, Access Key, and Secret Key) from your Cloud Storage provider, you can literally begin archiving to the Cloud within minutes.

Superior Data Protection

PoINT Storage Manager is the ONLY data archiving application that uses Universal Disk Format (UDF) data containers for Archival storage.  UDF is an open, vendor-neutral file system used for a broad range of data storage media.  UDF data containers natively provide Write Once Read Many (WORM) attributes, and appear to an operating system as standard DVD discs that cannot be altered or deleted, nor can any file within the container be altered or deleted.

In addition to the WORM File System providing complete protection of data in the archive, PoINT Storage Manager also includes Replication, Retention Policies, Verification and Authentication, and AES-256 Encryption (optional) to meet various legal, compliance, and business continuity objectives.

Access Archived Data Anywhere, Anytime!

PoINT Storage Manager includes a Web Browser interface that allows network clients to login, view, and download files directly from the Archive, making the solution completely seamless with Cloud-based data archiving.  Archived data can be located at any Cloud Storage provider, anywhere in the world, and access to the data is available 24/7.

In most instances, data retrieval speeds are faster from a Cloud-based archive than a locally-installed Tape Library or Optical Library that is subject to latency periods for the robotic movements required to fetch and load the storage medium.

Key Features of PoINT Storage Manager Software

  • Automated Archiving using Policies and Schedules
  • Directly retrieve files from their original location via stubs and .html weblinks
  • Certified Integration with Windows, NetApp FAS and EMC VNX systems
  • Web browser interface to view and retrieve files from the Archive
  • Native WORM File System Containers for Compliant data archives
  • Encryption in transit and at rest
  • Logging, Verification and Authentication
  • Retention Management Policies
  • Replication and File System Migration
  • Support for all storage technologies in parallel to Cloud


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