• Archiving data to Sony Optical Libraries

    The PoINT & Sony Partnership

Why Partner with Sony?

Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) Libraries utilize professional-grade optical disc technology that provides an extremely cost-effective means for long-term data storage and archiving.  Optical media is repellant to liquids, offers greater protection against extreme temperature and humidity over Hard Drives and Tape media, and natively provides WORM (Write Once Read Many) attributes for guaranteed protection against accidental deletion or modification of data.

PoINT Software & Systems is a Sony Technology Partner that provides a Certified Application Integration with Sony Petasite ODA Optical Libraries.

PoINT Storage Manager is a policy-based file tiering and archiving solution which is tightly integrated with Windows, NetApp and EMC storage systems, and addresses the problems associated with the growth of inactive and unstructured data stored on Primary Storage.

Sony Model L30M ODA Optical Disc Library
Diagram Showing Archiving Inactive Files from Primary Storage to Sony Petasite ODA Optical Library

Archiving Data to Sony PetaSite ODA Libraries

PoINT Storage Manager uses Policies and Schedules to automatically locate and Archive data to a Sony Optical Library. File reparse technologies such as links, hyperlinks and symbolic links are used to retain read access from Primary Storage to data which has been moved to Optical Storage/Archive Storage. Clients and applications access data files transparently from the Archive Storage via PoINT’s unique “Pass-thru” read mechanism, without the need to  restore files back to Primary Storage.

Inactive and unstructured data can be archived from Primary Storage to less-expensive storage such as Sony PetaSite ODA Optical Libraries.  Up to four Secondary/Archive targets can be defined for replicating copies of archived data onto multiple physical and Cloud storage devices.

PoINT Storage Manager connects directly to the Sony ODS-L30M Master Unit, and ODS-L60E and ODS-L100E Extension Units, and no additional software is required.

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