MDI Archive Solutions and Storage Management products are used widely in many industries and all segments of Government where retention and accuracy of information are paramount.


Records management requires maintaining large volumes of data for extended periods of time. Our Blu-Ray Libraries provide high capacity, permanent storage and transparent access. They are widely used in Law Enforcement, Geological and other records storage, as well as military applications.

Health Care

With large volumes of data, rigid standards for accuracy, and accessability as well as long retentioin periods, many hospitals and medical providers rely on our Archive and Storage solutions to meet their demanding storage needs.

Media & Broadcast

In the media world content is king!. Maintaining vast archives of video files, our customers depend on MDI to provide the capacity and accuracy to store their most valuable assets. The combination of on-line, near line and offlline storage we provide is highly suited to the workflows of broadcast media management and storage.

Financial Services

With their native Write Once (WORM) format and long life our optical library systems are ideally suited for this highly reguilated market. Meeting all requirements for SEC compliance our solutions deliver high capacity permanent records and correspondence storage.