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    Corterix File Scan (FSCAN) and Real Time Archive (RTA) are powerful, scalable software applications for Data Analysis and Storage Management :

Corterix Intelligent Archive Solutions

Corterix File Scan (FSCAN) and Real Time Archive (RTA) are powerful and robust Storage software applications:

Want to gain valuable insight into your data?

FSCAN: Provides powerful tools for analyzing existing data storage systems (Cloud, HDD, tape, optical) and for indexing/cataloging metadata from files in the repository onto the FSCAN database server.

FSCAN delivers fast (sub-second) search of 100’s of TB or even 100’s of PB and provides a list of the searched files for either download or further refinement of the search.

Need to Archive your data and protect it?

RTA: is building on FSCAN with the additional functionality to conditionally move files from a network location to an archive device (Cloud, HDD, tape, optical) which can scale from 100’s of TB to hundreds of PB or even multiple EB’s and support scalable uploads/downloads in excess of multi-PB/day.

RTA’s key benefits are the scalability from 10’s of TB to multiple EB using standard off the shelf Linux servers and the search capabilities with sub-second search results.

Search billions of files in seconds

Corterix File Scan (FSCAN)

Corterix File Scan (FSCAN)  Gain insight into the content of your data! Analyze any existing storage infrastructure, and extract and download internal/custom metadata. A full text (TEX) search feature may be selected. The file search interface is a multi-layer Google type Web-interface. It allows for a file search by all typical file related parameters including internal/custom meta-data and delivers results with sub-second response time.  Files meeting specific search criteria are displayed. These can be previewed and individually downloaded. Multiple selections can be packaged as a tar file. Download performance depends on the available band-with as well as the random access performance of the source device. Installation requires minimally one Linux server and server configuration depends on bandwidth requirements. The application may be installed on-premises or in the Cloud.

Corterix Real Time Archive (RTA)

Corterix Real Time Archive (RTA) has all the FSCAN functionality plus the automated conditional file copy and move (copy+delete) from its network location to the ultimate low cost storage/archive location. The Web-based RTA GUI is  identical to FSCAN with additional  settings for configuration of the source file location, the file copy condition and the archive target location. Supported Archive targets include Cloud, HDD, Tape or Optical.

RTA’s architecture has  ultimate scalability to support storage environments from 100’s of TB to EB’s of capacity. The server hardware requirements are kept at the bare minimum while at the same time providing scalability to multi-EB environment.

Certified ingest transfer rates from 100TB per day up to 4 PB per hour.

Intelligent Data Analysis

  • The R-profile option provides an analysis for how the search results relate to the total data base
  • The M-profile provides a statistical analysis of each documents BLOB, internal and external metadata type and size in the entire returned data result.
  • The RTA Storage Capacity Report  provides a quick overview of all configured RTA Stores and thereby confirms proper configuration.
  • Start RTA enables archiving files and saving their internal and external metadata
  • RTA MultiPreview provides a preview of all (supported) media files with direct access.
  • Projects allows to manage/associate different data sets under one project name and a group of users who have access rights to manage the projects.

File Export

When a user has finalized his file search and is ready to Export, the Export options are:

    • MetaExport (export document metadata as CSV file)
    • FileExport: export files from RTA Storage
    • User has multiple Export location options
    • Multi-language character support

Cloud Storage and Optical Libraries as Archive Devices

Corterix RTA supports a wide range of Cloud storage services.  Corterix works closely with all of the leading vendors and as a result, the list of supported services is expanded regularly.

RTA directly supports and integrates with any S3 compatible cloud service and has been tested with Amazon, Azure, RStor and Wasabi.

Sony ODA Optical libraries are also directly supported with no additional drivers or software products required to achieve the levels of performance, scalability, and security offered provided by the solution.

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