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Archiving-as-a-Service allows customers to take advantage of the many benefits of archiving data without incurring the up-front expense of purchasing software licenses and archival storage devices… without waiting for storage devices to be ordered and delivered… and without requiring the IT staff to install and configure the equipment.

How Cloud Adds Value to Archiving

Leveraging the Cloud adds value to archiving data in a number of ways including reducing the time to implement, keeping costs as a fixed monthly operating expense, providing instant scalability, eliminating infrastructure costs and maintenance, and the ability to access data 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Start Archiving Files Today with Euroson Cloud Archive Service
Euroson Cloud Archive Service Simplifies Cloud-based File Archiving

Fast, Simple Implementation

Archiving-as-a-Service is a simple setup and configuration process that our technical staff will assist you with via a WebEx conference.   The entire process can be completed in well under an hour, and you’ll be ready to archive old, inactive files from expensive Primary storage to the Wasabi Hot Cloud.

Fixed Monthly Costs

Archiving-as-a-Service provides data archiving at an affordable fixed monthly cost, and includes the use of PoINT Storage Manager software, storage space on the Wasabi Hot Cloud, and ongoing software updates and technical support.  Unlike many other Cloud storage providers, there are no hidden fees or additional charges to ingest, browse, copy, or retrieve (PUT, LIST, COPY, GET) your data from the archive.

Recurring charges will be issued directly to your credit card (Master Card, VISA, American Express) on the last day of each month.  Charges will be based on the total number of Terabytes of storage under management, with a minimum commitment of 10TB.

Please note the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th line items on the invoice to the right are for illustrative purposes only.   Our monthly recurring invoices will only contain a single line item for the amount of storage purchased.

Euroson Archive as a Service Reduces Costs Associated with Archiving Data
Euroson Cloud Archive Provides Superior Performance for File Archiving

Superior Performance

Archive-as-a-Service eliminates the complexity of deciding how and where to store your data within a Cloud-based archive.  There are no distinct archive tiers or geographical zones that affect the retrieval speeds of data in the archive.  All archived data is treated as “hot data” and is immediately retrieved without latency periods due to robotic devices or human intervention that often requires minutes or hours for retrieval.

Requested data files are retrieved from Cloud storage via a direct read mechanism, without first requiring a restore back to Primary storage.  This direct read capability further improves read performance over other Cloud-based storage services.

Instant Scalability

Archive-as-a-Service is built on leading-edge Cloud technology that provides instant and transparent scalability of storage capacity into the multi-Petabyte range.  Unlike adding capacity to On-premise data storage systems, there is no storage hardware to order, no rack space to allocate, no power and cooling requirements, and no downtime for IT staff to power down a storage system, add trays of drives, and power the system back up.

Euroson Cloud Archive Scales to Petabytes for File Archiving
Euroson Cloud Archive Reduces IT Infrastructure and Data Center Footprint

Eliminate Backup & Other IT Infrastructure

Archive-as-a-Service eliminates the need to implement and maintain a Tape Library or Disk-based backup system, as backup infrastructure is included with the service.  Eliminating the need to handle and transport physical backup tapes also eliminates the possibility of loss or theft of data.

Archive-as-a-Service also eliminates the need to implement and maintain servers and disk arrays, and the ongoing costs of power and cooling required to build out an internally-managed server farm to store archival data that is rarely accessed, but needs to be accessible for historical reference or legal discovery requests.

Key Features of Euroson Archive-as-a-Service

  • Archive files based on file type, file size, create date, last access, and more
  • Archive files from Windows, NetApp FAS, EMC VNX, EMC Isilon, and more
  • Replicate the archive to Disk, Tape, Optical, or other Cloud targets
  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements with WORM (Write Once Read Many)
  • AES-256 Encryption for data in-transit and data at rest
  • Apply retention policies down to the file level for archived data
  • Advanced Logging, Verification and Authentication


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